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Click on the button to schedule pickleball lessons with me. Lessons can be stroke or tactics oriented, or a combination of both. One fun lesson type is that your group plays a game while I make coaching comments.

You can schedule a lesson to address a specific need or area of pickleball that you would like to improve, or ask me to evaluate your situation and recommend upgrades.

Lesson types:

  • Beginning Pickleball:  Scoring, Rules, Grip, Ready Position, Split step, Safety, Warmup
  • Dink Shot – meet the kitchen
  • Forehand/Backhand Groundstrokes
  • Forehand/Backhand volley
  • Serves – bowling and tennis types, footwork
  • Return of service – shot types and footwork
  • Third shot drop – progressive learning method
  • Offensive lob
  • Specialty shots – backhand roll, the Erne, Slice, Drop shot volley

Schedule of Available Times

  • Monday – 8-9 am
  • Wednesday – 8-10 am
  • Thursday – 8-9 am
  • Sunday – 1-5 pm

(note: I show times as early as 8 am on some days, but normally I’d like to schedule 9-10 on available weekdays, or 1-5 pm on Sundays)


For one hour lessons. Half hour pricing available on request:

  • Private lesson – $40
  • Two people – 25 each
  • Three people – 20 each
  • Four people – 15 each